Fordybelse og flow

Drømmer du også om at sænke tempoet og fylde dit hjem med zen? Det er en virkelig terapeutisk og givende oplevelse at skabe kunst og dekoration til hjemmet. Vores DIY Kits indbyder til langsomme, kreative processer og afslappende bevægelser, som lader dig glemme tid og sted og giver dig den eftertragtede ro, fred og flow. Fordybelse med kreativitet giver masser af mental velvære, glæde og afslapning i en travl hverdag fuld af deadlines. Glæd dig til at pryde dit hjem med fin papirkunst og smukke krystaller, som giver styrke, harmoni og god, beroligende energi – her på siden kan du finde kreative kits, som du kan bruge til at skabe en mindful hverdag – og sprede balance og glæde i dine stuer.

Top collage

Louise Ballegaard Juul

Creative manager

Selvkærlighed, ro og balance er nøgleord i samfundet i disse år – og vores kits med krystaller og smukke kunstprint i papir er perfekte til dem, som søger fordybelse, balance og harmoni.

@kristatolstrup x Creativ Company

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Fordyb dig med vores Creativity in a Box

Krystaller giver dig styrke og energi

Vores nye Creativity in a Box med macramé indeholder alle smukke, store krystaller og et kort, som beskriver krystallernes styrkende egenskaber.

Krystaller giver dig styrke og energi

Vores nye Creativity in a Box med macramé indeholder alle smukke, store krystaller og et kort, som beskriver krystallernes styrkende egenskaber.

Vi har lavet et samarbejde med kunstner Krista Tolstrup, som kreerer de fineste papirklip og linoleumstryk. Kristas kreative, legende univers sprudler med hverdagens skønne motiver og kulørte farver – og med vores nye kits kan dine kunder selv producere dekorative, grafiske værker.

Vil du lave din egen papirkunst?

Find alt, du skal bruge her.

Måske du også kan lide?

Lysstøbning og lysdekoration

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Støb nemt med resin støbemix

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Linoleumsprint og kunstprint

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Creativity, immersion, and flow

Are you dreaming of slowing down and filling your home with zen? Then you've come to the right place. On this page, we've gathered a variety of creative activities that are optimal for immersion and flow – such as intricate paper art and beautiful crystals.

Explore our DIY Kits, also known as Creativity in a Box, crafted for unhurried, relaxing processes that enable you to lose track of time and space. If you're craving respite from the frenetic pace of daily life, our kits offer the perfect remedy. With a blend of materials and instructions, you'll have everything necessary to craft beautiful artworks, handmade jewellery, or home decorations. And the beauty of it? You can proceed at your own pace, free from stress or haste.

Dismiss all thoughts of deadlines and prerequisites. When you engage with our DIY Kits, it's all about you and your creative journey. Allow your thoughts to flow freely as you fashion something distinctive and personal. And once you're in the zone, you'll notice time slipping away and concerns fading into the background.


Why is flow and zen popular?

Today's world is characterised by velocity and perpetual change – consequently, an increasing number of individuals are gravitating towards creative pursuits that provide a sense of flow and zen. This phenomenon arises from various factors that reflect the deeper needs and aspirations of contemporary society.

Creativity offers an avenue of escape from the frantic and stressful nature of daily existence. In an era where technology and social media inundate us with information and diversions, more individuals are turning to creative endeavours such as crochet, macramé, crystals, paper cutting, and more. These activities afford individuals the opportunity to fully detach and discover inner tranquillity. By concentrating on a solitary pursuit, one can momentarily shed their burdens.

Furthermore, creative projects facilitate self-expression and self-actualisation. In a world where many feel ensnared by routine employment and external expectations, creativity furnishes a platform for self-expression. Individuals can unearth new talents, interests, and passions that enrich their lives and instil a sense of purpose.

Flow and zen in creativity also entail a profound connection to the present moment. In an era where we often dwell on the past or future, creativity serves as a reminder to inhabit the present and derive joy from the here and now.


Mental well-being with Creativity in a Box

If you haven't yet experienced our Creativity in a Box, now is the time to do so. Our kits align perfectly with the prevailing emphasis on mental well-being. Today, more people are turning to creative pursuits as a form of self-care and stress relief. Creative immersion represents a valuable opportunity to momentarily pause and simply be present. It resembles a form of mindfulness therapy that assists us in reconnecting with ourselves and the world around us, fostering deep inner peace.

Simultaneously, our Creativity in a Box offers a practical and accessible means of engaging in creative activities. You needn't scour for various materials or develop new skills from scratch. Each kit typically includes all the requisite tools and materials, accompanied by step-by-step instructions, thereby eliminating any impediments to getting started.

When you utilise a Creativity in a Box, you enter a realm of creativity devoid of stress or pressure. There's no need to fret about making errors or achieving perfection; instead, you can permit yourself to explore and experiment freely. This can prove immensely beneficial for your mental well-being, reducing stress levels, elevating mood, and enhancing overall feelings of contentment.

In summary, regular use of our Creativity in a Box can serve as a potent means of nurturing your mental health. It offers a simple avenue for self-expression, mindfulness practice, and overall well-being enhancement.

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